Today, Eliane, Charles Wantz's daughter and her husband Erwin MOSER, are perpetuating a tradition of exacting quality and authenticity by putting finesse and elegance of their wines in the foreground while respecting the terroir. 
The WANTZ family owns vineyards on the hillslopes of Barr, Heiligenstein, Mittelbergheim and Andlau. The geological diversity of our vineyards allows us to produce the full range of Alsace grape varieties, yielding wines with character typical of famed terroirs such as Rouge d'Ottrott and Klevener de Heiligenstein, to name but a few

The Charles Wantz winery is a family business with deep roots going back many generations. The Wantzes have been vintners for several centuries with a tradition passed on from father to son. The Wantz name is closely linked to the history of Alsace wines, with an illustrious ancestor whose statue (1742) can still be seen on the frontispice of the townhall in Heiligenstein, a few kilometers from Barr, where the varietal Klevener de Heiligenstein originates.
All these generations of hard-working vintners have reached and maintained a high level of quality for the family production.
In the difficult period following WW II in 1945, Charles Wantz was able to start again and develop with much energy his winery. The war years bore very heavily on the vineyards in Alsace, with nearly all valid men taken away to serve in Germany and women remaining who courageously took over the daily chores and assured the winery's survival.
The present generation is composed of Erwin and Eliane MOSER-WANTZ who took over the company's destiny in the 1980s and have developed exports to 25 countries. Numerous investments have secured a sound development and modernisation of the entreprise while respecting the family's tradition.
Wantz wines are currently found on the menus of a number of prestigious restaurants, thus acknowledging and consecrating their quality at an international level.