Capitale viticole du Bas-Rhin

Published : 2013-11-18 10:38:26

Picturesque town at the foot of Mont Saint-Odile, located 200 m above sea level at the mouth of the Valley St. Ulrich and the foothills of Kirchberg and Altenberg, BARR owes its prosperity to its forest, vineyards and tourism. The surface of the ban is 2100 ha of which 1589 ha of forests. BARR currently has 7,000 inhabitants. 
Barr's wine capital of Bas-Rhin. His vine climbs the hills that border the valley Kirneck. It includes the famous Grand Cru Kirchberg. 
Discover the historic center with its authentic: pedestrian streets, half-timbered houses, carved stone porches, over wooden galleries ... Cobbled streets and bustling squares, paths through vineyards and forests, can enjoy the services of a country town.